Free Dating Sites : Which Are Worth Your Time? What I thought I’d do in this video is just give my views on some of the free dating options out there. By free dating…
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  • Joey LuvQuest says:

    Free Online Dating! 

  • jackie m.sylvester says:

    Hey! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about popular dating site called DateFindersk (search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you thought about DateFindersk? I have heard some great things about this dating site and my cousin met his girlfriend on DateFindersk, but he refuses to tell me: (

  • Boristos Jaxon says:

    What is the best site to meet sluts?

  • Josh Zink says:

    That’s what I was going to ask Shady haha

  • Rosebunse says:

    I’ve tried, and it doesn’t always work. Then they bring in their baggage. What’s worse is when you get one who tells you how ugly you are, like it’s fine for them to be fat, but they can’t date a fat girl.

  • Mike Sylver says:

    Date an ugly man

  • Wytchfinde says:

    Online dating is an oxymoron, and is a pain for men and good for women. Especially if you are a skank.

  • sirmighty loov says:

    This woman and many like her have an ego,and think they actually have something to teach a man. Most men on these sites have high I.Q.’s, and good jobs that they’re competent in doing. It’s not the man but the women who have been given a pass by the government,and the unfair court system. End government handouts,and quota systems,and see how quick things change with men and women on an even playing field. Women couldn’t compete then. The government has just taken the teeth out of the lion(me

  • Rosebunse says:

    I know lots of nice guys who are single not because they’re nice, but because they pretend to be nice when really they’re just jerks in a different kind of way. They still want cute girls, then get mad when an ugly girl talks to them.

  • Rosebunse says:

    I’ve thought of the paid to use websites. I’ve known too many people who got hurt on the free ones. I just want to try something. Any tips?

  • ARakaLordBrilliant says:

    Please refer to my videos they are paid to talk about these sites in promote! POF is the worst dating site on the internet hands down. I have made thorough videos about them. The rest datehookup, okcupid etc are equally bs. They have tons of fake profiles. The owner of the site markus frind is a crook. I met my soulmate which I did not expect on eharmony. They are pricey but the lack of body options deters scammers from spending that money to scam. I have to admit they have the best women there.

  • Toro Loco says:


  • coatsboy167 says:

    pof more like plenty of fakes

  • 357simplyme says:

    Dam girl u are cute!;)

  • Xavier Parham says:

    Would you like to know about the person before you actually have to meet them if so copy and paste this link and sign up for this amazing product bit.ly18nY0pS

  • Chris Redburn says:

    why would I do that, what I said is very true.

  • chkg17 says:

    go to the corner and think about what you said.

  • Chris Redburn says:

    it’s all about looks, that’s why us nice guys are always single :(

  • EcoWhale says:

    that backdrop looks so grandmaish

  • churboimjc says:

    OKcupid is the same results as POF. But on OKcupid it’s a 5 -10% more chance to get a respond , so OKCupid can be a little better

  • BRAVEN CORBY says:

    thank you for your video review.
    i did not have success with POF in the past.
    i am going to join OKCupid now.
    i must say you are extremely beautiful!! I am sure many guys tell you that.
    i would date you if you lived in Toronto and were interested in a guy like me

  • Trey TLD says:

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    checkout this site for dating it really works!!!
    just remove the space from the URL

  • green jack says:

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  • mba2ceo says:

    or looking for BBD. Just my opinion.

  • Suicidal Schizo says:

    What can I tell you except all women are whores.

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