Dating Tips for Shy Guys w/ Maxim’s Hottie Caitlin O’Connor

Dating tips for shy guys. Free Seduction Video Course: Follow Caitlin O’Conner on Twitter: @Caitlin_OConnor Follow Caitlin O’Conner on …

Guaranteeing a girl’s attention means planting seeds and sharing interests and then making yourself scarce, but not quite “hard to get.” Grab and keep a girl…

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  • Maverick820 says:

    Thanks for the great videos Tripp. I am pretty shy when it comes to talking
    to girls and this video helped a lot. I am going to use these strategies in
    the future. Great work man. 

  • Mitchel Vander Poel says:

    I need some help. I recently met a girl last week and your name is
    Danielle. She is very pretty and it’s very hard to talk to her because of
    it. I have only dated once and it flopped. What can I do to not have this
    anxiety? I’m trying very hard not to screw it up. I don’t want to make a
    fool of myself. 

  • Markeyus Franks says:

    Being shy sucks plain and simple because you tend to take a passive role in
    life, so try to become a confident person who is assertive in life. Guys
    Fake it until you Make it and practiced daily to be more assertive. Talk to
    new people everyday to get over your shyness and timid personality.

  • nobodysperfect06 says:

    women are shy too, yes they are, but it doesn’t affect them as much,
    luckily for them they don’t have to initiate anything

  • Kakkerot86 says:

    Man I really hate being shy to me I think shyness is an unknown mental
    illness or disease that has a tendency to give you a very very bad omen
    when it comes to approaching girls. But I won’t give up.

  • Long Tran says:

    Hey theres scool but thanks

  • A1Avishek says:

    nice tips

  • JaCab24 says:

    It’s less intimidating to know now that girls are shy and want to be

    I finally went out to approach some girls and I got rejected but the
    rejection wasn’t bad. It was rewarding to know I approached. 

  • 50nollieman says:

    Thanks Tripp :) it’s awesome how you actually have a girl in your video and
    have her say what girls think. Anyways this girls likes me. And she talks
    to my best friend. I know she likes me cause she’s been staring lol and she
    would try to approach me and I on he other side like her too. I would
    always say I’m gonna talk to her but I always end up pussying out :/ any

  • Blaž Bohinc says:

    Thnx !

  • Roman Lundberg says:

    I’m in high school and I just don’t know how to approach girls anymore
    like I use to 

  • jacob johnson says:

    Dam I love your vids bro! Keep the tips comming!

  • hafadude69 says:

    Tip number 4, when all else fails, just show her your penis. Women love it
    when a guy just whips it out and puts in her face. Oh you can just see her
    lips drooling with anticipation.. 

  • Sasa Jovic says:

    women re human too?? Are you sure??

  • Joshua De Souza says:

    This actually is true, yesterday at my job at Abercrombie & Fitch, I saw a
    really attractive girl picking out clothes in one of the closets in a back
    corner of the store, so I mustered up the courage to approach her and I
    said “Hi, Welcome to A&F!” And she said hi back and asked me a quick
    question about a price and afterwards I told her the only reason I came
    over was because I thought she was really pretty and wanted to say hi, and
    she nervously looked down and tried to walk away and almost walked into a
    wall… So pretty girls do get nervous :)

  • John Thibideau says:

    What if your a loser like me?

  • John Haddadin says:

    Dude she was staring at your dick in the beginning of the vid 

  • DaDude1997 says:

    This helpful in a lot of ways thanks! I’ve been trying to start a
    relationship but I am jut to shy to ask and this video will really help!
    Thanks a lot. 

  • Yuujinnio says:

    Dude, What if you have style, you have a good haircut, you’re confident,
    but you are short and you specifically heard from the girls you have liked
    that they are into tall typical Caucasian guys.

  • RolfStein Mcdonass says:

    I’ve watched 20 vids in a row. great and interesting content, not too sure
    about the music tho. it gets boring when you’ve heard it so many times,

  • Shyguy Nintendo says:


  • your1earthquake says:

    Nice tips get it


    What if your a loser like me

  • Jared Wilson says:

    “we think constantly” NO REALLY? i didn’t know human beings did that :O

  • enzo mootah says:

    Here are the tested dating tips to attract women –

  • jacob smith says:

    Let me tell you a secret, you wouldn’t exist right now if your father and
    your grandfather failed at picking up woman. Maybe try the old school
    approach since you exist and all. Best part is it wasn’t about being a
    with a million woman for them it was just finding a faithful woman to fall
    in love with. I’m not being a romantic, I’m being real! so next time you
    see someone that stops you in your tracks slow down, take a deep breath,
    and be real! It might be so refreshing she might not even know what just
    hit her. Oh and p.s men are always thinking, this woman is a “female
    chauvinist.” last time I checked Einstein and Newton were guys.

  • Mark Johnson says:

    @William: Would you take fishing advice from a Salmon?
    Hit up *(BeTheBadBoy, com)*.. get advice from guys who get with hot girls.
    The guide on there is probably the best thing I’ve ever read. Should help
    you a lot.

  • Ken Adams says:

    haha sure if you look good this might work but for ugly and average looking
    guys like me, ya sure lets make girls “chase” us, this is the most
    ludicrous thing I have ever heard.

  • xduke7 says:

    fuck, just be yourself, how ever you are, it doesn’t matter, the women of
    your dreams will come along guaranteed, is that simple. Following tips on
    how to behave with woman and how to date them makes you a complete phony.
    These dating coaches pick your pockets and sells you your own watch. Dont
    follow any instructions, make your own based on who you are


    bitch please

  • Anabell Sarah says:

    Dating Tips for Guys
    A Woman’s Perspective ♡ How to Guarantee a Girl’s Attention

  • UndeadOverlord1 says:

    this is non sense all the stupidity I just dont see why girls cant just say
    what they think instead of mind games, shit aint fun. 

  • Colin Munro says:

    The way to attract women
    Is a Simple 3 Steps technique
    Just Search Google for: *Girl Secret Info*
    Click the first Result

  • Sherley Leasor says:

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    about how exactly you can get laid by hot girl. Why don’t you give it a
    shot? maybe it can work for you too.

  • taylor gibs says:

    Thanks, that’s helpful. 

  • Cheryll Rothmann says:

    As specialist, I do believe Sozofintao Dating Manual is good way to get
    laid by hot women. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it can work for you

  • MyOldPiano caPcom says:

    you should always be there one minute, gone the next? that get’s the
    chicks??? … mom, for your 82nd birthday, instead of playing ‘which burner
    did i leave on?’, we’re going to hooters.

  • SeKToR says:

    u want girl to obsesses about u… just don’t give a shit about her …
    that’s how it works.. and why douchebags have all the girls

  • Todd Maiden says:

    A better title: “How to Guarantee a Flake’s attention.” Yeah, just what I

  • MURATAVAN23 says:

    everything is for wild fucking with fucking chicks,fuck dating…

  • ashkan11111 says:

    LOOOL ,i feel bad for her , everything she said was bullshiiit

  • bobby3321 says:

    I thought the best way to get a girls attention was having a huge cock……

  • Wildfox01 says:

    I take that back, you need psychiatric help! Get well soon!

  • Lurch150 says:

    unfucking believable. I’m not saying this isn’t sound advice, but MAN
    dating is far more complicated than it needs to be….

  • RelatrionshipAdvice says:

    Very basic advice

  • jherman7780 says:

    She’s full of shit why you tell a woman somthing nice and walk away some
    one els get the girl. Dumass

  • Frankiethegift . says:

    do you have any tips for getting a blow job with a first comment? for most
    guys, the goal is to get in the horizontal position as quickly as possible.
    sorry, but that’s a cold hard fact..opps, no pun intended. Guys feel love
    when we’re having sex. girls feel love when we’re buying you shit….We
    don’t want to win your heart, we want to win that thang……

  • Lisa Garnier says:

    I am sure this will make me extrovert. good to earn that extra cash to make
    me financially attractive bit.lyWq7T2L

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