Q&A: good and honest dating tips for women?

Question by you don’t know me(;: good and honest dating tips for women?

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Answer by Satan Claws
You’re unique. Just like everyone else.

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  • Karl says:

    Be honest and be yourself. Don’t come accross as being too needy.

  • hawk_eye_sax says:

    Don’t put on an act to look better/different than you are. Be yourself.

  • chick says:

    lets start with getting a date if he asks you it will be easier to answer okay, lets get a basic place where you are going lets just say dinner and a movie okay what to wear something comfortable yet hot we do want another date then we shall work on the attitude/confidence a man likes what he sees but if you have nothing to offer except your looks you will just end up being a play toy so we need to keep our head up well walking and if you feel comfortable in what you are wearing that will help you in being confident and you wont have to worry that the skirt is to short and when you bend over you see your undies and never forget be YOURSELF! okay now that you are ready lets move on to dinner if he takes you to a place where its expensive choice something cheap yet not to cheap if you do this the guy will see that you don’t waste money but you do like a good plate of food if the guy is a friend you will have something to talk about however if its just a guy that just randomly asked you then you can start with the basics like favorite food, color, etc. but you cant talk like that all night you need to be open just a little bit don’t let your feelings flow that will make the guy think you have some bad baggage so just a little bit and the guy will be quite because that’s what they are told to do just let the girl talk but you need to get him to talk to even short answers are better then looking like a self-absorbed an=lets move on to the movie now you can let him pick or you it does not matter but lets just hope you did not wear a short skirt we don’t want him thinking your a slut and don’t talk in the movie unless he is also talking and as for after depending on how old you are you can just let him kiss you………………….

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