Tips for dating much older men?

Question by Rachel: Tips for dating much older men?
I am 22 and not attracted to men my age, I prefer men that are 35-45, how can I attract more older men? Most of them will chat with me but they never seem to ask me out(most likely out of fear of being labled a “dirty old man”). I am quite introverted,shy, and don’t really have any friends, I also don’t like going out to clubs or partying. I am mixed race and only attracted to white men as well. Should I start by approaching these men first or asking them out?

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Answer by random internet guy
yes, you can ask them out if you want.

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  • stephanie p says:

    Be honest. Let them know you are genuinely interrested and would like to get to know them better. Older men are better.

  • thє вluє wαndєrєr says:

    You need to ask them out. I would never approach a younger woman because more often than not i would be labled a sicko and a menace to society. Aint feminism great? Shalom!

  • Nizhoni says:

    Try hitting Clubs and Places that Older Folks hang out at.

  • bluebell says:

    I’m married to a man that’s 21 year older than me to go with a older man yes then no what twre doen but I just wouldn’t run out and say got to bag my self one dosnt work that way and if a older man found u attractive they wouldn’t have a problem askin u out

  • Lisa says:

    Are you retarded ?

    Do you know that women live longer than men on average ? They live about seven years more than men. That means that if you date a 45 year old you are dating a man that is 23 years older than you, but now add another 7 or ten years because women live that much longer on average and now you have a man that is likely to die 33 years before you…. I mean do you sit and think about this stuff ? The fact that you will be left alone after he passes away TWO or THREE decades before you ?

    Not to mention that you will play mommy to him for a LONG time, cleaning his asss and feeding him when he gets a bit older… Damn I hope you don’t reproduce, the last thing we need is more retards.

  • Rimah says:

    I think you should approach them. They are most likely attracted to you, but, as you said, afraid of being labelled negatively. Younger women preferring older men is a rare thing indeed. So approach them! No need to be shy :3

  • Athena says:

    They do not fear the label “dirty old man.”
    You just do not have anything that interests them.

    These are not hormone driven boys who will settle for anything in pig-tales.
    Theses guys have had your type and they have grown up.
    They want a partner and not just another daughter asking for the keys to the car.

    The see the signals you are trying to use and they know you are only bad news.
    These are men little girl. You had better stay in your end of the pond.
    You have nothing theses men want.

  • Topaz says:


    When you are 32 and he’s now 35 he will be 46. That’s old for being a dad. You got dad issues or something?

    Leave the old dudes alone. The ones in the club are a hi ya and after they are done with you, they are back at the club looking for more 22 year old girls. Don’t do it.

    You been warned.

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