Q&A: Whats your fav. love quotes and song lyrics to your boyfriend question for men too?

Question by jennybeninni: Whats your fav. love quotes and song lyrics to your boyfriend question for men too?
I have the best boyfriend. We have been together for almost a year now :) everyday with him has been outstanding ive never felt so loved i am turning 30 on the 6th. And we are reaching our year on the 13th these are two huge stones in my life. My boyfriend is in ireland for a week… Family vacation.. I want surprise him when he gets home sat. With welcome home signs and love quotes i have many already i love was wondering of others’ fav. Quotes or song lyrics hes a DJ so the lyrics he would love thanks

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Answer by Nikki
They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need.

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  • Layla says:

    “These lips can’t wait to taste your skin. These eyes can’t wait to see your grin. Just let my love adorn you.”

    “I found what was missing inside you”
    -DJ Tiesto

    “I only miss you when I’m breathing”
    -Jason Derulo

    “Stay for a while. Let me hold you tonight”
    -Armin Van Buuren

    “Today we have to make the most of love”

    “You can take my world. You can feel the air. Take control. Such a beautiful surrender.”

    “I feel so close to you right now”
    -Calvin Harris

    “I fight for you…This kind of love doesn’t happen everyday.”
    -Morgan Page

    “All I want, is the taste that your lips allow. Give me love”
    -Ed Sheeran

    “Well you are the one, the one that lies close to me. Whispers ‘Hello, I’ve missed you quite terribly’ I fell in love, in love with you suddenly. Now there’s no place else I could be but here in your arms”

    “Take me down. There’s nobody else I’d rather be with. I wanna wake up in your arms.”
    -Chris brown

    “We did it for love. We tried and we won. We’ll never give up. It’s me and you against the world.”

    “Missing your love.”
    -Morgan Page

    “All this time, oblivious to what you made so obvious. I can’t believe I never noticed my heart before.”

    “You don’t have to doubt a second if I miss you. Every time I’m with you, I feel naked.”
    -Enrique Iglesias

    “Let’s go to the park. I wanna kiss you underneath the stars. Maybe we’ll go to far. We just don’t care.”
    -John Legend

    “Simply being loved is more than enough.”

    “Could you think it over. When we get older I’ll still want you here with me. Darling I hope that you agree. There’s something that takes place whenever we embrace.”

    “If you let me, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll take care you you.

    “When words mean nothing, I’ll be here singing on and on and on and on.”
    -From first to last

    “Everyone has their obsession. They hold high their prized possession that defines the meaning of their lives. You are mine.”

    “Eres mi mas grande deseo (you’re my greatest desire)”
    -Nelly Furtado

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