Brothers or Gay Boyfriends?

Follow us on Instagram! Davey: DaveyWaveyOfficial Patrick: pfedzter Ashton: ashtonmnothsa Why do so many gay couples tend to look so much alike? Is it becaus…
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  • Sherlock Watso Holmes says:

    So shirtless. Why? It’s not bad, not at all, but why?

  • TheColorblindpony says:

    its not just couples, ive noticed that even if people have never met
    before, very often if they share similar personalities they will look

  • Auron1Roxas2 says:

    It’s incredibly disgusting when I hear gay guys think it’s hot for brothers
    to have sex with each. There is absolutely nothing hot about that, it’s
    fucking disgusting. Theres nothing hot about incest.

  • Brooklyn Mixer says:

    Why the hell are ALL of the gay guys HOT!!! UGH.

  • cahan mclaughlin says:

    That guy in the middle needs to sort out those teeth

  • H_dri3n says:


  • Gamingkidstudio . says:

    Gay-Osmosis… Nice Davey

  • Sarah Silverman says:

    Me and my boyfriend were asked if we were siblings

  • Milena Trajkova says:

    I don’t know why but I’m not regretting thinking about Wincest and Thorki
    all the time pff bitch I ain’t even sorry

  • TheCute NinjaPanda says:

    1:34 – 1:36 davey wayvey’s ches deflates and inflates again… 0.0

  • Kaskuser Meydi says:

    They are lesbi i thought .

  • phantommangagirl says:

    That couple does not resemble each other at all, I don’t know what
    everyone’s talking about. (Then again, my sister and I don’t look alike
    either, so who am I to talk, lol.)

  • juniorsutereo says:

    ok maybe i am a bit narcisistic cause i kind of like my boyfriend to look
    like me, but its only because i think he would look so cute in the clothe i
    like, i mean we dont look that alike yet, but, i guess we will.. xD

  • howard gordo says:

    they dont look alike too me, the one is red is cuter.

  • Joshua Montegrande says:

    I’d say it’s the narcissism thing…

  • Amanda Rush says:

    Omg that always happens to me with girls i’m dating. and we never even look
    alike. … except once. but that was only once!
    I think it is because of what you said. Because of spending so much time
    together, you become more alike. And that it happens to straight couples
    too but is much more noticeable with gay couples. Luckily I’m now dating a
    lipstick and i’m a boi so we haven’t gotten asked that question yet 😀 

  • Eric jones says:

    omg the guy in the red shirt… super hot!!!

  • Cesar Marin says:

    “I eat his babies and you know what, they taste good” LOVE IT!!!! Very

  • DoomDoomRawr says:

    When im with my girlfriend, people always think we’re sisters :/ But oh
    well as you said all we can is “No we’re not sisters, we’re girlfriends,
    and we fuck” lol <3

  • Leo Mendoza says:

    My boyfriend’s a hipster and I’m a skater, so.. We are never gonna look
    alike tho.

  • Ahmed Salayi says:

    Ehhhh wtf
    Perverse xD

  • Flora says:

    Well they don’t look alike.. but… that are slightly the same xD?

  • yong siong says:
  • Jade Mellor says:

    because they love the way themselves look so they go for guys who look like
    them ite easy when u think bout it xx

  • Nathan Wolf says:

    I wear beanies and flannels and jeans and converse, and my boyfriend wears
    hoodies (done up 99.9% of the time) tshirts, guy cargo pant things. . . .,
    belts and Adidas or something, Yep. We don’t look alike.

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