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Who is Vito Cammisano? New NFL Player Michael Sam's Boyfriend!
Is anyone starting to feel like were being chemical/socially altered by design………. the food were eating full of hormones……..the water in some locations is full of estrogren……..and then you have images like this being promoted. Being gay isn't a …
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A True Tough Guy: The Mafia, Gays, and Michael Sam's Boyfriend
The happiest conclusion you could draw from this image is that Gerlarmo knew his son's sexual orientation and accepted it as an integral part of a magnificent young man. But even if Gerlarmo was not yet aware that his son was gay, he is now. And there …
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The 12 Most Baffling Things Gay Men Do, Besides Vote Republican
It's almost as baffling as the dudes who post a headless torso and write, "Will not respond unless you send a face pic." These guys are actually auditioning heads to match their body. The most puzzling are the men who add things like "Have boyfriend …
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