Advice on Dating Websites That Actually Work?

Question by Snailmale: Advice on Dating Websites That Actually Work?
Can anyone tell me what dating sites are actually worth paying for? I tried EHarmony and was really disappointed. is nothing but scamers out of nigeria. I just found out my ex girl friend is engaged and I’m REALLY bummed. I was raised Baptist growing up and I would love to find a great girl who I could enjoy a good game of D&D and a heart moving church service. I’m just scared I’ll never find that special someone. So if anyone knows any sites or chat rooms that are worth it let me know. Ps I don’t get paid for 2 weeks so that will give me time to check them out. Thanks 10 big points to best answer. Please don’t give me any crap ok, heart felt answers please.

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Answer by clark
You must remember, those sites are like fishing, you may do real well and you may not.
I did good 6 years ago and found a great woman…..

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  • Ashley Song says:

    Hi Daniel,

    The fact is online dating is not as easy as one might think. No dating can guarantee that they will find the right person for all of their members. You might want to try a christian dating site, unfortunately there is none I can recommend you.

    You could always try worldfriends -you can read a review here It does not sound like a dating site but it is one. It also has social networking features that were added recently. It might be what you’re looking for. You can join for free, browse profile and see if there is anybody in your area on there that you might be interested in.

    If I may say, shouldn’t you be happy for your ex girl friend? Or did you want to get back with her? Well she’s not married yet maybe you should tell her how you feel. If you don’t want her to break her engagement for you then, be happy for her and move on. I don’t want to sound rude but what I’m trying to say is you shouldn’t associate your desire to find someone with the fact that your ex is engaged. At this point, what she’s doing with her life has nothing to do with you and what you’re doing with hers shouldn’t either. Pardon me if you find what I say inappropriate.

    Give yourself time and you’ll find that person you’re looking for.

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