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  • M & J says:

    fcukkk you buddy|!! go back to the site, & log on 5000 times a day, & look
    all the msgs & act like a attention whore! & then dont talk to no body!!
    piece of shit!

  • David Torres says:

    Id do her

  • Critical Mass says:

    omg who freaken cares

  • touofthehighplains says:

    POF = POS

  • RHOK Hardenup says:

    POF= Plenty Of Fakes

  • muskndusk says:

    Because this site is free, it attracts married men looking for a bit on the
    side. They don’t say this, but pretend to be single. It also attracts men
    who can’t be bothered to use the shift key for “I”. Not impressed.

  • Blind Faith says:

    For women, this site is great, as they can easily find an alpha male for a
    one night stand. But if you are a man who is not among the top 1% of top
    dog alpha males, forget about it! And no need to marry a woman who has been
    on alpha male cock carousel!

  • 2002films says:

    I have have been on POF for a while, alot are delusioned cunts with unmet
    standards. They can be fat as fuck, and look like a young Rosie O’donell
    .Because a few men are thirstyand send them messages they will think there
    gods gift to men and then on the flip side they say the man as to be fit
    and work out . They have a list of standards they wont put on themselves 

  • AuraVideos says:

    POF is a beautiful example of the double standard men experience when it
    comes to dating and relationships. Ladies…. you are gunna push us away
    complete. Then where will you be? Fucking nowhere, because without men, you
    will get nothing accomplished.

  • kroetsokkhoeurn says:

    nice post

  • WeLoveDates says:

    Have you ever used POF?

  • Harry iprice says:

    reading of the screen haha

  • Liza Cutie says:

    Let’s check out Freepowerbiz com to find out the best free dating sites

  • Namron9797 says:

    Site sucks ass. As a gay user even more so. You can report as many perverts
    as you want. You will be banned. You can block them. And you will be banned
    for over blocking. And the new rule about age limits? Mention it sucking
    and you will be banned. The site is run by invisible nazi mods who you can
    never talk to. Get blocked…….have fun trying to contact customer
    support since there is none. Site is a joke.

  • darong len says:


  • illmatic826 says:

    okcupid is better

  • No Strings Dating says:

    Have you ever used POF?

  • WeLoveDates Mature says:

    Have you ever used POF?

  • weezyljm says:

    how old are you?

  • greg vargas says:

    I tried POF. 99% of the msg I sent to woman were deleted without being
    read. I say for average guys don’t bother. Unless you plant to use fake pics

  • Edward Richtofen says:

    The best way to have intimate relationships with women is to offer to take
    care of them while she takes care of your needs. Basically your resources
    for her pussy,Make her an offer.

  • ReliveTheDream says:

    I still would say to any guy anywhere, to avoid using dating sites at all
    costs, unless they are isolated somewhere with little to no chance of
    meeting people, even then I would recommend forums and online video games
    over dating sites. Dating sites are a guys worst nightmare, it will ruin
    their self-esteem and give them a skewed sense of the dating world, if
    you’re a guy and go out and meet people face to face, its 100% easier and
    100% more successful.

  • Lrdvltr says:

    Plenty of shit doesn’t work. The bitches have attitude problems and are
    busted. The attractive ones are bots. Finding relationships online became
    obsolete when yahoo personals died.

  • checkerace50 says:

    I was more baffled about how her neck changed shape in such a violent way
    that it scared me. Looks like she came out of a poltergeist video on

  • ottawaa mann says:

    You look like the girl from orphan black

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