Where can lonely teenagers make friends online?

Question by LissyKat: Where can lonely teenagers make friends online?
Please don’t say chat rooms please I hate them I really do Im looking for proper websites you can join. I’m 16 and from the UK looking for people ages 16-21 who want to talk and make friends. If anyone on here wants to make friends feel free to email me or comment below. I love music, art, anime and lots of other things.
I do have friends but I would like to make more I’m not desperate but I do find it difficult to make friends and randomly striking up conversations Is not an easy thing to do.

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Answer by roc_ker13
Why don’t you try a local coffee shop. They’re a great way to meet a lot of really cool people. It’s like a minor’s bar without fighting and nastiness.

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  • Stella says:

    Hey there. :)
    Iam always up for making a new friend. :)
    Feel free to contact me.

  • Tam B says:

    wot bout sites like facebook, myspace, Hi5, bebo, orkut

  • janibu says:

    making friends online is pretty risky.
    haven’t you any friends at school ?
    it’s not difficult to make friends in person.
    pick someone in one of your classes and strike up a casual conversation.
    be a little spontaneous,
    it shows that you’re an interesting person. (:

    or if you’re that desperate,
    people roleplay on myspace as cartoon/anime characters.
    i used to be into that. you could try that ?


    and responding to your additional details,
    well, that’s perfectly fine. just, according to your interests,
    myspace roleplay sounds just fine for you. you don’t have to put 100% into it.
    it could just be a side thing to communicate with people who have similar interests.
    although, myspace roleplay is centered majorly around anime and manga fanatics,
    if it’s alright with you, rofl.

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