My girlfriend wants me to take her to dinner? Problem?

Frage Yafef John : Meine Freundin will, dass ich sie zum Abendessen zu nehmen? Problem? Ich habe kein Geld dafür, wenn ich nicht arbeiten (Schule) und ich esse nur Reis und Bohnen wieder gebratene Tortillas mit Salsa, die ich in der Masse kaufen für wöchentliche zehn Dollar. weg mit ihm würde wie eine Woche im Wert von Lebensmitteln aus meinem Budget, und das ist, wenn ich eine billige Datum. Was soll ich sagen, weil sie nicht weiß, im billig, aber es ist chaude.Si sie zum Essen kam bei mir zu Hause und ich gab ihr Tortillas, wäre es wahrscheinlich begeistert sein. Im Denken der Bettelei mein Freund für einige seiner Boxen von Hackfleisch, kein Witz.

Antwort Evelyn
für Salsa und Bohnen laden: Es wurde auch Mais in Dosen, konnte er mir Beste Antwort geben Ihren Platz statt

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  • KJR says:

    Tell him that you are a student not have the money to take him, but wish to have dinner instead of making?

  • millie l says:

    Tell him that you can not afford it. No use getting into debt and hunger after only three weeks of vacation. At the same time to save, and you remove it from your parents. You could offer to cook the rice and refried beans.

  • TJTB says:

    Ask him about the food and what you eat and tell him that you are saving for your education, but if you have money, she is the first person you go to a fancy restaurant. Most decent women would also flattered, if not more, when they hear that actually go to a fancy restaurant ..

  • Kidx says:

    Well, you will not be able to hide the fact that you are forever last. You can give someone close to you to take / money to ask you, but with your friend to say at the end that you do not have much money.

  • TazT says:

    to be honest and to communicate with him. tell him that it is not financially for dinner in the restaurant on your budget now. do something at home, but make it special, maybe really clean, bright candles, on the music etcsi you try to hide or cover things worse for you in the long run make

  • Hana Crawford says:

    Oh, everyone is in this situation, you might have a few nice recipes with the food that you have Google and turn invite to dinner, it is much more romantic, ask a friend to lend you a DVD. Yes, she’s may be hot, but it is also expensive, you are someone who you love that you want to, not because you go with her for the meals that you simply can not afford.

  • Ava says:

    well … I think you should have a way to earn some money. it is not unreasonable for him to want to go on dates with you. and shes going to want to progress of time to go faster. if you have a girlfriend, you are going to earn a little money. this is the end result. it will expect something for her birthday and Christmas and Valentine’s Day. unless you’re really crafts to do at home with your own personal school supplies, you must have a emploi.tandis I was in school I find Workstudy. it was only a few hours a day cleaning the school. it was part of my financial aid. but it would be enough to have money to spend for data. You should also try to eat a little more different santé.sinon for its own Work Study, then find something else. Child care, part-time work in a shop, deliver documents, whatever. You can check the paper or go to an employment agency and see if there is something that., A small amount of hours

  • Robert B says:

    Write a poem you bitch

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