Top Girl

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  • clearly says:
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    cheated! , 3 January 2012

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    Top Girl is a fun game, but I do not want you to use real money, to buy some clothes. not worth the cost in the end to buy fake money for real money. adding that the prices are ridiculous, who would buy these fake money for these ridiculous prices stupid What a fraud

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  • Angela L. Darling says:
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    PARENTAL WARNING! , 11 December 2011

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    App for my 9 year old daughter bought, as they often like to play games on my iphone and thought would like this game Dressing We are very careful about what they are on TV and watch intelligent and educated parent, you played the game for a while, then later in the day I checked my e-mail:.. emails only on confirmation to find Amazon for an order of $ 99 ….. 5 different times! Our daughter somehow responsible almost $ 600 to our account in the game! There is a feature in the game Top Girl where you with loans for the costs what appears to be buy cash in. But you buy this company for real money., I think the game is extremely misleading because it does not even tell you how much you will charge for these credits, My husband and I took a look later and found nothing indicating it was a real transaction. So I had a heart attack, my daughter felt terrible, but luckily Amazon has offered a full refund for the price, made it very clear it was just a scenario of a time that is understandable . However, I wanted to warn others in advance that I’m sure we are not the only ones that happen. because, really, who in their right mind spend $ 99 for loans to an application like this?

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  • L Lone says:
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    Backup friend 25 February 2012

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    I hate how u friend never stops talking and u wake up in the morning, and he complains, he relantioship. I mean, it’s call them sleep. Can not wake up at 2:00 every night to make you happy just to him. this is ridiculous! But other than that I love the game, it’s really fun and sometimes during it keeps me on my toes If you are considering a long-time hours that u could exercise outdoors

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