How do you know it’s true love? {rsstitle}

Question by cjp201: How do you know it’s true love?
I know this is a hard question but can anyone give me a decent answer as to how do you know if what you are feeling is true love?

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Answer by Princess LovAngel
u will just know. it’s kind of hard to explain

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  • Emma -- ox <3 says:

    like butterflies (that same fluttery? that even a word? haha feeling)

  • trickbullet says:

    When you think of that person do you smile w/out really meaning to do it?
    I mean thats how I go by it

  • Jasmyn Silvi Firestar says:

    That is a hard question and from experience you will just feel it and if you’re not sure then you need to let it go and then you’ll really know!

  • Dina says:

    you just know.
    like u get the feeeling that you are.
    and you cant keep that person off ur mind
    and your just all around happy wen u see or think of them.
    its really hard to explain.
    you willl know.

  • screaminike says:

    To me, love is unconditional. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not keep record of wrong-doings.
    If you cannot overlook anything that the other person would reasonably (within character) do, then you’re probably not in love. Just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

  • POLAR BEAR./CA says:

    i do not know…that is the question i think about a lot when i am in a relationship with someone..ummmmmm true love or just another heartbreak but, if you never take the chance either you will never find true love…good luck hope you found your true love

  • kaycee h says:

    you all tingly when you are around him and when you are apart you cant think of anything that you would rather do at that moment then be with him because you love hm. that is how you know.

  • hope says:

    well if its true love he will be there for more than a few weeks,and he will be interested in knowing about your feelings. it depends on several different factors,but none of us can answer that question it has to be you who decides

  • gabbysue52 says:

    Give this relationship a long period of time. Time for all puppy love fazes to pass. If you still feel the same way after a long period of time, you will know the difference. Just don’t confuse your feelings with infactuation. You will know the difference once the “Love Bug” bites.

  • angelforevzz says:

    ok here goes..
    imagine ur true love
    imagine him to be completely and totally hideous
    pretend he has some rare disease which means u wont have a long time w/ him
    imagine him to be completely self destroyed and hopeless
    imagine him to be depressed
    now that u have that picture in your mind
    do u still love him?
    i know u will probably say “yes” and stuff but things like this can happen and you have to know for a fact that u can always be there for him and support whatever he does..
    when ur first in love u think “oh i will always be there 4 him” but the truth is until u experience something like that 1st hand u dont exactly know if it is true love..
    i wish u good luck and i hope u find ur love

  • Christine says:

    It is a really hard question with tons of dimensions to think about. One book that I am going through right now is called “Before you get Engaged” by David Gudgel and Brent Gudgel. It is a Christian book (since I don’t know your religion), but honestly I think a lot of people could get really good advice from it even if they aren’t strong Christians.

    True love is the kind that lasts forever. It only happens when a)you are ready as a person to be in love b)you both as a couple are ready c) you feel supported by your decision.

  • Synamon says:

    You’ll know if it’s true love, if you just can stand to be one hour away, or this person is on your mind constanly I’m talkin you can get your mind clear at all, and a lot of other things I just can’t explain about love. You have to figure out by experenceing it you’ll know. It’s hard to explain.

  • Ralph says:

    ur willing to wait an eternity just to feel their touch, theyr constantly on ur mind and u know u want to spend the rest of ur life with that person. when u look into their eyes you know that theyr yours now and forever…u need to be sure about every desicion u make with them..u need to know in your heart that your in love

  • jenn says:

    When you argue… if you would rather be right than say I’m sorry, then it’s not true love.

  • blondiechicknz says:

    True love is when you want to spend every moment with that person and couldn’t imagine your life with anyone else, no one else makes you feel the way they do…

  • J-Roc says:

    I actually sat down and thought about this a while back and wrote down what came to mind. here’s exactly what i wrote…

    Love is waking up every morning and that person is the first thing on your mind. It’s when you would do anything to see them smile and it breaks your heart so much to see them cry that you cry with them. It’s when you want them to be happy even if it’s not with you. Love is when every song you hear reminds you of them and every place you see makes you think of somewhere you’ve been with them. It’s knowing that you want to spend every minute of every hour of every day of every year for the rest of your life trying to make that person understand exactly how much you care. It’s when you do little things just because, it’s being sad when you have to go. Love is when you know that you can’t wait till you get to see that person again. It’s knowing that it’s more than just a physical attraction, but something so much deeper. It’s when you don’t even notice other people in “that” way cause you’re so focused on that person. It’s accepting them “as is”, faults and all. It’s when they have little quirks that make you smile and its when you just can’t get enough of them.

    Love is knowing that you can’t explain how you feel in words so you spend every minute just trying to express it with actions. It’s more than making out or sex, it’s those moments just holding each other and knowing that that’s enough. It’s the little inside jokes and secrets that always make you smile. It’s wanting to do something special when they’re down. It’s wanting all of your friends to know them cause you’re so happy to be with them. It’s when you’re proud of them and support them in everything they do cause you believe in them without a doubt. It’s something you can’t express in words but in actions. It’s knowing that you’re truly HAPPY cause you mean the world to someone and they mean the world to you

  • Forward says:

    wow.. i feel alien. to me true love is much more practical.

    it’s when someone can say sorry and can actually be sorry
    it’s when someone does something to make your life more pleasant.
    it’s when they care about your feelings and opinions
    it’s when they respect and support you
    when you know that this person is looking out for you and you for them.

    to me true love waits and trust and can be tested but not lost. can be questioned but not replaced.

    true love is for one person and it’s to make dreams come true

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