Bangla News 29 October 2013 Phone calls By Hasina and Khleda _Full Part 2 {yahooanswerstitle}

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia phone conversation HASINA KHALEDA telephone conversation টেলিফোনে কথা বলেছেন শেখ হাসিনা ও খালেদা…
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia phone conversation HASINA KHALEDA telephone conversation টেলিফোনে কথা বলেছেন শেখ হাসিনা ও খালেদা…
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  • 3papia says:

    conchen dehi ai hene kon dar mathar escrew dhela?

  • Paul RVB says:

    that is soo true , they ( AWAMI LEAGUE) want to go against Allah so thats
    why Bangaldesh will stay poor

  • Shahidul Chowdhury says:

    Oh Allah, Please have mercy on people of Bangladesh. No wonder why this is
    one of the poorest nations in the world.

  • md jaber Ahmed says:

    Buja jasa komlapur railwayr thka dui mohila jogra kortasa o Allah amara

  • Neel71 says:

    কি যে ভালো লাগলো! ৩৭ মিনিটের ব্যাপক বিনোদন!! আহ! প্রতিদিন যদি এমন মন খুলে
    হাসতে পারতাম!!!

  • rashedul islam says:

    It was not a conversation for the people of Bangladesh……both of them
    are bullshitting


    Reminded me of the HINDI SERIALS I used to watch way back……….

  • shawdeshi says:

    We need moynul and fakrul back

  • shawdeshi says:

    Sample of talk show

  • shawdeshi says:

    There is nothing in hasinas proposal

  • shawdeshi says:

    Yes phone was dead

  • Raisa Afrida says:

    Hirok rajar deshe bash korchi amra…dui netrir kothay professionalism er
    ettto obhab! Notun projonmer uchit notun dharay desh ke gore tola.. ke je
    egiye ashbe..desher haal dhorte.. aar koto bhai..aar koto..lebu chipe tita
    kore fello dui netri…

  • 3papia says:

    I think they both breathing together & talking together . What a nice
    common in them!

  • 3papia says:

    For digital Bangladesh, people need digital generation. Not this two analog

  • Arfin Rasel says:

    Vaaalo vaaalo..Bangladesh BOOM

  • zishan ahmed says:

    Bangla News 29 October 2013 Phone calls By Hasina and Khleda

  • mrk bd says:

    ai phone alape amra anondito?? kono shomjota hobe na eder….khaleda zia is
    more agrresive

  • mahfuz ahmed says:

    Jhograte mohila khaleda

  • apukabir2 says:

    We learn quarrel from tham.

  • Rover Nazmul Haque says:

    good and thanks, go ahead mdnewsmedia

  • Mohammed Ullah says:

    Azaira pechal

  • milon miah says:

    khaleda zia and shekh hasina ….dujonei….mother chod

  • Mst Hasi says:

    What I learn ?

  • maha hossain says:

    khalada madam voive so loud and rude ,dont know what should i write.

  • Adam Ahmed says:

    It is a disgrace that our beloved Bangladesh is run by people this. Since
    liberation the country is plagued by nothing but corruption and power
    struggle between AL & BNP. Listening to this conversation it only seems
    like two house wives are bickering over a petty issue. I am sorry to say
    this but neither of them have the quality or the etiquiete to have a proper
    debate or conversation. Worst of all the people of Bangladesh are either
    ignorant or obvlious of these facts and simply choose to ignore them. The
    future is dark…..the future is very bleak. 

  • Rahat Chowdhury says:

    N these two women douche bags rule us 150 million Bengali .this is insane .
    R we really suppose to carry on with them ?

  • Atik Hasan says:

    দুই সতিন…

  • mohammad ambia says:

    Aha re bangladesh ! Tumar je ki hobe.dekho tumar matite ki
    hoche.Robindronat o nojrul orato mara gese ora omor na .ora ki bollo r
    akhon ki hoche .

  • smith brown says:

    someone must kill both of them. we need to go away form both. Army must
    kill them BOTH.

  • Gnana Chakma says:

    OMG. This is a mess conversation! Shame on this, not a professional at all.
    Khaleda seems like have Alzheimer’s or dementia patient, every single
    moment she is argumentative, agitated like she have early dementia, very
    hard to redirection her. Hasina should not continue like that conversation
    after inviting her for discussion. Khaleda need some tranquilizer. Shame on

  • gtaiv1000 says:

    these two viruses needs to be assassinated just like their predecessors

  • Mehedi Hasan says:

    I link it …

  • sadikur69 says:

    Bring back army to save the country

  • Bayou Biju says:

    She is white and you are black.

  • Bayou Biju says:

    Yes we need more debate from BAL and BNP. So we Bangladeshis will know who
    is playing with peoples life and selling Bangladesh’s interest.

  • Bayou Biju says:

    That is Indian Channaka tactics. Hasina and his people got trained from
    their master.

  • Bayou Biju says:

    Awami black mailed Basini taking his picture eating food. Awami people are
    culprit deceives uneducated poor people. Who are majorities.

  • Md Hasan Alamgir says:

    ami vabinai shekh hasina er moto jhograita beti chopa totally
    off….khaleda zia well done…

  • Bayou Biju says:

    Hasina is worried about camera. Why?

  • Bayou Biju says:

    Khaleda Zia wins this debate. We want more debate in front of Bangladeshis
    instead of Awami Goondami and slavery.

  • Bayou Biju says:

    Why Khaleda have to go meet other small Indian backed party?

  • Bayou Biju says:

    BNP wins again. India’s stooge looses.

  • abdullah al mahmud says:

    hayre,,, bangladesh

  • Fozli MangoPack says:

    বিশ্বে আমের সর্ব বৃহৎ ওয়েব সাইট টি ভিজিট করেছেন কি? কোন ব্যাকরন, বিশ্লেষনে
    না গিয়ে সরাসরি বলি- আমের ৩৫৯ টি জাতের ছবি , ভিডিও ও বিশদ বর্ননা + + অনেক
    কিছু নিয়ে চালু হয়েছে আমের সর্ব বৃহৎ ওয়েব পোর্টাল। সাইটি ভিজিট করলেই সব জানা
    হয়ে যাবে। সাইটির এড্রেস হলোঃ ফজলি.কম (Fozli)

  • 3papia says:

    May be she smokes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3papia says:

    Jonogon kichu na pepeo , dui netryr prolap shune pran vore hashte parche .
    dhore nin ata ekta binodon mulok anushtan . Enjoy the live prolap. Thank

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