Would these rip on me? Do I really look fat? sry im all over on this one? {rsstitle}

Question by : Would these rip on me? Do I really look fat? sry im all over on this one?
yesterday i was over at my cousins and secretly stole my 16 year old’s pack of undies cuz on saturday my friends from my cheerleading squad are having a dumb sleepover where we have to wear little boys tightiewhities. so my cousin is really short and small and im the complete opposite in height thank god (im lucky my parents are tall) he’s 16 and 4’8″/76lbs and im 16 too, only im 5’11″/112lbs so yea i opened the pack here i found online:
he’s a size large but according to that size chart the waist is 24″ and meant for boys 4’6″-4’9″, my hips are 35″ and waist is 25″. when i took the red pair out i couldnt even believe how small they were like the leg holes are so small, i haven’t put them on yet cuz im afraid i might rip them. As odd of question as i know this is, do you think my tush will rip them? this is so weird lol but ill just give them back if everyone on here thinks theyre too small thx 😉 oh and am i really considered “fat” ugh just saying it hurts me cuz all day yesterday my cousin was calling me fat only cuz i think he’s jealous of me tho for being so much taller and everyone laughing at our differences. thats why i stole them from him cuz he was being so mean
and yea the guy next to my pic in my album is my cousin haha doesn’t he look so much younger

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Answer by Amber
Haha, he would be so mad if he knew you posted a thing about his height, and then his, underwear and then a photo of him.

They probably would rip on you, why don’t you just buy your own? But anyway, no you are not fat… You’re just bigger than your prepubescent cousin. Women have bigger hips then boys even when they are all grown up, because we’re built to deliver babies. In fact, I just did your BMI test and you were underweight. Here http://www.nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Healthyweightcalculator.aspx?Tag=&gclid=CLib4vK7j6ACFQeElAodEnrAdA

You just have to add your height weight and date of birth and see the outcome when you press next. You are not fat.

PS I wouldn’t worry about the underweight thing. It’s really meant for people who are over 18 and you are probably a healthy weight but the converter doesn’t know that.

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  • delaney p says:

    It’s very possible that they will rip but you won’t know till you try.
    and you’re not fat at that height. not at all. lucky you. you’re not likely to ever look actually fat because of your height. >_< and also note the fact that guys don't have hips. ;p

  • No...you can't have my Jello says:

    underwear? really? give back the undies and show up to the sleepover with girl undies….who is gunna see them anyway? unless you girls plan to have a pillow fight in man undies I suggest you go with your own. I mean its only one night and you can laugh at all the girls who wear the man underwear yet still be comfy in your own!

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