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Question by Stephen V: Online dating site question?
I’m new to online dating sites, just started using them. I was wondering what happens if you message multiple people and two or more are interested? Pick one and forget the others? How does that work? For example I messaged one guy and we talked a little bit but he stopped, and he hasn’t messaged me anymore… so should I message others or wait? (I’m not the type to play with people’s hearts so I’m not going to date two guys at once)

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Answer by Coco
online dating is cut and thrust and everyone out for themselves. no you shouldn’t only talk to one person, you do whatever you need to do until you meet your ideal mate. so talk to as many people as you want to. on the virtual scene, there is no room for politeness or hurting peoples feelings, it’s a kind of person supermarket… seriously. Only when you have checked out with your goods do you apply old fashioned human values, such as honesty, integrity, etc etc. Dating two guys isn’t being unfaithful! A date is like reading the label. Guys and girls talk all the time and then stop, it’s such a fickle world. It can be successful, and it can be frustrating…
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  • LBJS says:

    Well typically when it comes to a dating site you cant put all your eggs in one basket so you got to date around just a little, at least within the first date or 2…. So you go out with one guy, and then another night go out with the other. Its not like you will be sleeping with them and getting all emotional with your feelings within a few dates plus they are probably doing the same thing, i mean they are men! Once you really think one of the guys is going better then the other you just call it quits with the one who didn’t work. Hope this helps and if you need to check out any other sites if all else fails you should check out the one that me and my friends have been using and its totally free to join.

    good luck!

  • Kaly says:

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  • Jeff says:

    Online dating (OD) or even Net dating can be a online dating experience allowing men and women to get hold of along with communicate collectively over the internet. That expertise is usually with the objective involving possessing a personalized, passionate, as well as sex partnership. Online dating service products and services generally present unmoderated internet dating over the web, using pcs as well as cellular phones.

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  • Mycroft says:

    Internet dating (OD) as well as Web internet dating is often a online dating experience which allows individuals to get hold of and talk together over the web. This particular knowledge is normally with the objective connected with developing a private, romantic, as well as lovemaking connection. Online dating services usually present unmoderated online dating via the internet, using laptops or cellphones.

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  • Paul says:

    Internet courting has become most significant and quite a few successful business ventures about the internet. You can find countless Internet online dating sites online, and a lot huge World-wide-web companies, including Aol! along with Hotmail, have got their unique World-wide-web dating sites. Generally, Net dating will be a way to match people pertaining to often friendship or maybe dating with no really the need to satisfy them personally initial.

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