Q&A: What is your biggest concern about future generations? {rsstitle}

Question by ~*Inspired*~: What is your biggest concern about future generations?
When we take a look at the youth of today, what concerns you? And to older generations, were your worries in the past about my generation (im 28) correct?

I see children today being raised by themselves, nannies, babysitters, MTV, and video games. Society has created a 2 income family. Both parents work, sometimes 40 plus hours a week and at the end of the day they are too tired to be there for their children. Guilt sets in, and as a result parents are buying their childrens love with materialistic possesions and permission to do as they please. These are my concerns… I wonder what kind of adult they will be, how will they contribute to this world and how solid is there foundation?

What is your biggest concern?
all of your answers are correct in so many ways… its a scary thought, so what is the solution?

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Answer by Benji
Advertisements consuming us, polution

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  • momrfg2003 says:

    Kids are not learning how to interact in society and they seem to expect they will start in the working world at the very top without having to work to get there. It concerns me how that mentality will be equipped to parent the next generation.

  • casapulla2001 says:

    You could have said all that in 1988 and 1998.

    The biggest challenge to this Next generation… (which I’ll assume is what? the one that’s yet to get into HS, at say 7-10 yrs old now?) which one are we talking about?)… would be DETACHMENT FROM COMMUNITY AND PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. You’re also part of the issue, by the way, in that here you are asking about, online and probably.. you’ve not actually done much in your own childhood/upbringing that’s differing significantly from what you’re talking about… when’s the last time, you picked up a telephone to call/speak to an uncle, cousin to say hello..? went out of your way for a Wake or sent a card for a relatives birthday, or even better, a traditional/religious sort of gathering (christening, confirmation, communion) — without being reminded? Sorry, I don’t mean to personalize it.. but a 28-year old was born when MTV hit the scene and all you know is the world that you’re decrying… with the added dimension of home PCs, the internet and advent of the suburban soccer mom and the urban myth of the gangsta rapper being a hero… (thanks to the late-90’s, when the record world realized they’d make MORE without fighting what was presented by say, the lowest common denominator and a “1 Live Crew” singing about …pop, pop, the goochie baby… right through shooting police, selling drugs, talking about Pimps, Ho’s, etc. etc. (an 2006 Oscar for it “Ain’t Easy Being a Pimp” down went Pop Culture standards, and that affects teenagers and now Tweens more than anything). Even watch Saturday morning cartoons — and see the Disney etc. rap commercials and gutter slang coming through as written by White Men in LA, trying to act cool for the kids..? (it’s pathetic) but it’s as common as a cell phone national advertiser saying “Where You At?” or MTV’s constant trying to be more & more Street and Shocking.. to the point where I expect 10 year old GIRLS to get tatoos and start making out with their gf’s on play-dates..?.

    In the suburbs and exurbs, people are moving farther apart.. and kids are interacting FAR less than even 20 years ago. There’s more to do, at home, with PCs and Vid games.. and usually mommy takes them everywhere they’d socialize, until they’re teens. They don’t see uncles, aunts, cousins and extended family – and the circle of trust is essentially a smaller group of people that can “look like them” on their street, area or from school. They may NOT expand their horizons, for lack of a better team.. until college age.. (or never). But, because of sheltering and being guided by mom/dad to the max, even having homework DONE for them, by mom which I’ve seen a lot lately.. they are AFRAID to fail, basically they DON’T WANT TO FAIL so they don’t DO ANYTHING to avoid that unpleastry. They stay living at home and a 24 yr old, is like a 16 yr old was — in 1978.

    The inner cities are a mess. Gansta rap & lifestyles have the most part FAR LESS literate or caring about HS etc.. then they were in the 60’s and 70’s when POVERTY and UNDERprivilege and RACISM’s ceiling & limitations was an issue for advancement. Now, it’s the kids themselves — because they want the $ $ $ fast, and can care less about schooling/college because the want the $ $ $ fast and everyone can be a Rapper and looks at all the $ $ $ you see ON TV, on videos, with music everywhere, on Reality Shows, on PCs — and the white kids eat that stuff up (80% of rap BOUGHT by white suburban kids). The content of the music is the issue.. and I don’t even HAVE to mention it.. that’s how understood that issue is — to anyone but our USA media and the politicians they support.

    Where’s the kids that HELP others?

    Where’s the kids that focus? Whenever I meet one that actually TALKS to adults.. I’m overwhelmed at how RARE that is.. vs. the slow/silent/introverted unless on a keyboard mentality of this ‘Myspace or Facebook’ Generation (?)..

    The biggest concern is, that a smaller & smaller portion of the future generations CARE of GIVE A RATS REAR end about anything… or learning and adding to society, about striving and risking, unless they are BROUGHT THERE by their parents.. meaning, they are connected by a parent that can GET them a job, set-up an interview, pull them through college week after week… there’s not a WHOLE lot of self-motivation for achievement, is there? Families STAY in their homes FAR TOO MUCH in the suburbs, for example.. and barely visit relatives anymore (great uncles, uncles in general should be an exhibit in a Natural History museum!).. and the kids are ON the street FAR too much in the inner cities, where there’s not even a desk or table set aside for reading, as it was in the 70’s. (Where have you gone, James Brown?)

    And it starts with: “good eating there, little Kayla! do you want more? no? let mommy get you something else? no? OK…” and “we have soccer today, after school…” and “get dressed, we’ll be late for school” and “maybe you can see your friend next week, I’ll call her mother..” and 10,000 other aspects of over-parenting in the middle income, and neglect in the lower and upper (as evident by a Paris Hilton, etc.).

  • Alex S says:

    global warming

  • sky64 says:

    Well, you summed it up very well! I must say that beyond what you have already mentioned I am very concerned as to if our children will be able to afford housing and what their adult lives will be like. The economy sucks and corporate greed is out of control. The country is being run, no make that ruined by the current “administration” and I am very worried what, if anything, will be left for our kids. I can barely make ends meet…c’mon $ 3.18 for a gallon of gas for my car?! What person of modest means can continue on this way? Sorry I vented.

  • herman says:

    my biggest concern is that we are raising a bunch of non thinkers. they will do whatever is told to them over the television and radio or whatever and not think for themselves. It’s already happening with the election now. The media is deciding who we are going to vote for and everybody seems to accept it.

  • ARMY WIFE says:

    I worry what the world will be like in the future. I worry if it will be a safe, happy place for my kids to grow up in.

  • lilhails says:

    kids are becoming pregnant at such young ages and i think its gonna get worse, kids that walk around in gangs thinkin thr untouchable are gonna get worse an kids who think they can do what they want an talk to people how they want as thr parents dont care what thr kids get up to or there too busy trying to keep a roof other there heads an the kids just go wild

  • Sandy B says:

    I’m soon to be a single mom and I have many concerns. My sons health and happiness being the biggest. I’m afraid I’ll be over-protective and I don’t want him to be a “mama’s boy”. I also worry about the enviroment and climate changes.

  • krute says:

    It’s hard to have just ONE concern, but first and foremost has to be our resources. At the rate we are using them up (oil, coal etc.) it’s hard to imagine where our energy will come from. Also, overpopulation is a HUGE concern. We are fishing out our oceans at an alarming rate. This planet is only designed to hold so many people, and as much as I’d love to live to be 150, I’m afraid there may be more mouths to feed than this planet can supply.
    You may be thinking that space holds the key, and except for one major factor, you could be right. That major factor is that we don’t have the technology for space exploration. We don’t have the capability for warp drive and it could be 2 or 300 years from now before it comes along, and by that time, it could be too late.
    My final concern is Giuliani being our next president. In all my years I have never seen a more unqualified person thinking he has the tools to be president.
    I have many more concerns, but you were looking for only one and I already gave you 3.

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