Q&A: Who has tried an online dating service?

Question by : Who has tried an online dating service?
Question? Has anyone ever tried an online dating service or know anyone who’s ever had a date through a dating service?

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Answer by princy
online dating services are good enough and rocking these days, there are many who are try free online dating on tringuladating.com a free online dating website for singles.

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  • Angel S says:

    Two of my friends are now married to the guys they met on a dating site (one was match.com). Another is happily in a serious relationship with her guy (she him met on DatingDirect). Have a look here as both sites are reviewed: http://www.mydatinggenie.com/

    I’d go with a paid site if you can afford it. I’ve always found that people on there are a bit more serious about dating!

    EHarmony has a great reputation and I can vouch that it is really good but you do pay a bit more than normal dating sites. If I had to choose, I’d go with eharmony, but there are other good sites.

    You could even try them out for a few days as they’ve fot links to Free Trials!


  • veroniica12 says:

    Yes! I’ve met people that I originally met on video chat site woome.com …i like meeting people over video because they can’t hide behind a picture and pretend they’re someone they’re not.

    I love meeting people from online. Haven’t met “the one” yet, but I’m having fun waiting for it to happen in the meantime 😉

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