Q&A: Do some people just fall in love through friendship? {rsstitle}

Question by rusty_fob: Do some people just fall in love through friendship?
i have taken quizes tht have sed i do so and the last girls i got into a relationship with was through friendship

im a person who really doesnt wanna do much with a relationship unless i know the girl likes me back

shy if you will

does this mean falling in love through friendship is the best way to go for me

it would have its pros and cons right

what would they be ?

is there any other gud alternatives other than falling in love through friendship, i feel its a longer process through friendship

give me your thoughts thanks

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Answer by Manbehindthesunglasses
Nah I believe it’s the best way to get into a relationship with someone because you already get on with them and therefore will be more comfortable in their presence. Feelings can sometimes also grow through times, so someone who you only saw as a friend can turn into something else.

The only con i can think of is that it can take time, building up that kind of relationship trust etc.

please answer my question

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  • theyocarea says:

    Well Here is the #1 problem I see with it. If your friend does not know you like her she might just date guys and talk to you about them and all you can do is sit on the sidelines and watch. If she knows you like her she probably wouldnt want to be just friends and not date other guys putting both of you in a awkward arrangment or if she puts you in a friend catagory she might never even look at you in any other way.

    So if you become good friends first then later it blossoms into a relationship I think that is more of a rare occasion. When it does happen though there are good things that come out of it IE; You already know each other real well and already have a friend bond unlike some couples that know how to be in a relationship but do not know how to be good friends.

    In all it’s a risk to try and become friends first but the risk could be worth it.

  • Peach says:

    no.. i think you fall in love thru LUST first and if its sustains itsself.. it becomes love. you just know all along its DIFFERENT.. and .. its a spark that you cant make , buy or fabricate..

  • Jayven says:

    It’s possible to fall in love through friendships, yes. When you’re friends you learn things about each other without the pressure of having to hesitate because you’re afraid the other will pull away. You feel more comfortable around each other than you would if you just jumped into a relationship with someone you didn’t know. However, when you fall in love through a friendship, it’s also possible that something could happen to make your relationship fall apart, which in turn, might compromise your friendship with that person. While I do think that falling in love through friendship is a good idea for a successful relationship, there is always a risk.

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