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Question by JayRod: How long should people staty on Yahoo Personals?
I have been on Yahoo Personals (YP) for about 4 months. I have meet several really nice girls. 2 girls I know are real, because they read my introduction. The rest…. well I don’t don’t why they contact me.
I have a true reasons for being there, no games and I am honest. I really want to meet my match and find true love.
There are girls on the YP who say they are from a place where I live in Elgin, IL. and it turns out they are from Nigeria or West Africa or some other place. There was one girl who said she was from Deer Park and then while I was chatting with her she said Arlington Heights…… SO, I quizzed her on Arlington Heights and she knew nothing about the place.She claimed to be a model and was working in the UK.
Another girl who claimed to live in Elgin, really lived in Westbed WI before moving to Cyprus 12 years ago….. then while chatting with me she asked me to help her purchases a book for school… Through Western Union…. SCAM.

I am not fooled easily with girls that use the YP as a way to profit for fake love. I am almost 99.9% sure most of the girls that scam are really men. They all have the same sad story, Lost their parents, helping a grandparent through an illness or something like that. If their story is real, I am sorry for them. But for really how many girls can have the same story on YP.
I want to find a real girl and build something real… not be scammed…

Please give your advise or something, I am not lonely or looking to get laid…. I really want to meet that special someone and have a solid relationship.

Waiting for your replies.

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Answer by Meghan
stay on as long as you would like. how about meeting girls in areas you like. for instance…if you like working out…try talking to girls at the gym.

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  • Ghana Banana says:

    Unfortunately the scammers have found dating sites to be a quick way to make a lot of money. Not everyone is a scammer but there are so many there, up to 50% of profiles on some sites, especially free sites but even paid sites get their share.
    To make sure you dont get scammed, suggest meeting in person right away just for a coffee. If they wont meet or say they are overseas or have excuses then they arent into a relationship. They are either just flirting for fun or potential scammers. Also try other sites like match, eharmony and others or see if there are any singles nights, speed dating, etc in your area
    A friend’s mum lost £5000 to a man she met online she thought was coming back to the UK to marry her. He said he was English but working in the oil industry in Nigeria and of course so many bad things kept happening preventing him from flying home and she was too blinded to see he was scamming her even tho her family told her
    There are real people on dating sites like there are real people selling things on craigslist, but the scammers see these as opportunities and ruin things. And that leads to legit people leaving these sites so eventually most people on there are scammers.

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